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Your Organization + Genuine Varsity Custom T Shirt Printing = Visual Success Every Time!

That’s the kind of mathematics we like to see at Genuine Varsity – our skilled screen printing plus quality t shirts and other printable apparel, combined with your business, education, sports, social, religious, cultural or civic event…coming together and expressed in an unforgettable custom t shirt that wearers will remember for a long time and will enjoy wearing each and every time!

Genuine Varsity is committed to offering excellent-quality screen printing, durable apparel from top-notch manufacturers like Gildan and Jerzees, and superior customer service and delivery of your order in Ohio or anywhere in the United States. We serve a large and growing collection of customers in a tremendous array of settings. Indeed, just about any group can contact us for custom t shirt printing and we’ll deliver beautiful shirts, on-time, at affordable prices.

Some of the markets we serve with custom t shirts and apparel printing include:

  • Employee and Staff T Shirts
  • Trade Show Booth and Floor-Walker Tees
  • Product Promo T Shirts
  • Customer Appreciation Tees
  • Morale and Team-Building T Shirts
  • Intramural Sports Team Tees
  • Crowd Control T Shirts
  • Event Clean-Up Tees
  • Park Patrol Tees
  • Highway Construction Tees
  • City Worker T Shirts
  • Volunteer Firemen/Policemen T Shirts
  • Field Day Tees
  • Homecoming and Prom Tees
  • Field Trip T Shirts
  • School Spirit Tees
  • Student Council/Clubs T Shirts
  • Athletic Team T Shirts
  • Family Reunion T Shirts
  • Performing Arts Association Tees
  • Block Party T Shirts
  • Charity and Fund Raising Tees
  • Music Festival T Shirts
  • Tourism T Shirts
  • Show Choir and Chorale T Shirts
  • Garden Club T Shirts
  • Benevolent Orders T Shirts: Elks Clubs, Moose Clubs, Rotary Clubs, etc.
  • Church and Youth Group T Shirts
  • Political and Social Justice Group Tees
  • Fraternity and Sorority T Shirts

The sky’s the limit for whom we can print and design, so contact us today to get started with your custom t shirt printing project from Genuine Varsity. You’ll be genuinely delighted at the results and the pricing!

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