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Custom T Shirts for Events

You put a lot of effort into your event….it’s worth commemorating!  Whether its a one-time or annual event and whether it’s large or small in scale, your organizers, volunteers, participants and attendees want a t-shirt to show their participation to the world.

Genuine Varsity can design a shirt for your event – whether it’s a family reunion, block party, fraternity or sorority gathering, benevolent social fund-raiser, or a large community event in your city or town. Contact us for a competitive quote and fast turn-around times.

Performing Arts T-shirt

Customized T Shirts for Performing Arts

We’ve provided custom t shirts for community and high school performing arts events.   Whether you are a show choir looking for a flashy theme shirt, or a small community theater on a budget, we can help your production visually.   Order your event shirts early and have volunteers wear them for publicity throughout the town!

Charity Events Custom Tees

We have a soft spot in our heart (and our price list) for charity events.   Whether it’s for a devastating illness that has affected someone in your community or for the disadvantaged who can use some help, we would like to help.  We’ve assisted organizations to raise thousands of dollars in recent years.  “Do good, do well.”

Race T-shirts

Custom Tees for Walks and Races

Community and school-sponsored races are a great way to raise money and awareness for many issues and needs.   We can design a custom t shirt that will be worn year-after-after to keep your event in the front of people’s eyes and minds. T shirts for such events are also a cherished keepsake and “trophy” for participation – don’t underestimate the value of accomplishment such clothing brings to its wearer.

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