Custom T Shirts for Schools

Kids of all ages love t-shirts, especially shirts that show them belonging to a group.  Whether it’s a club, an achievement award, a school sports team or just school pride, children and teens will be proud to wear a shirt from Genuine Varsity that shows their school spirit and school allegiance.

BR Homecoming

Custom Senior and Homecoming T Shirts

Whether it’s a shirt to commemorate their last year in high school, or a theme shirt for that all-important Homecoming event, we can create the perfect tee for students. Share your ideas with us and we will put your thoughts into a unique design. Or allow us to provide you with a design based on your school emblem, mascot or school building design.

Field Day

Field Day T-Shirts Custom T Shirts

Field Day can be one of the most memorable events in grade school.  We can create a design that can be printed on various colors of t-shirts to make your event colorful and successful. Help your students fit in to the group as well as stay together and remain easy to recognize in public, with a customized, printed t shirt for your school’s field day event.